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Ron Paul for President- news and views
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John McCain's Economic Policy:

John McCain's Economic Policy: "Your money for nothing and..."

...Then what?
Is this what John McCain is offering you, if he becomes president- "Your money for nothing?"

Watch YouTube video of John McCain on the economy and his "Zero percent interest rate idea:"

Sounds good right, ZERO % INTEREST or, well, "Your money for nothing"- actually, no, it is not, at least not under the monetary system most of the world runs under these days, including the United States.

I do not know about you however some mid 80's MTV moments are coming back to me. Seeing this video on John McCain, posted above, brought that great hit song by Dire Straights to mind, "your money for nothing". Maybe it was the old memories of one of MTV's first VJ's, Adam Curry (Does he actually age?) or something more immediate, like my actual well-being. Yet money for nothing seems like a good deal for many, like that money tree my grandfather always talked about. And it appears this is what John McCain would want, if he were to become president.

Before you jump up and down and get all excited, no, that is not a good thing- especially because of the way our monetary system works today. Now, I know this is shocking, for that would mean the banking system as you know it would be abolished and well, that is exactly what Ron Paul has planned, yet somehow I guess that is not what John McCain had in mind, for he has no plans out there that I have seen for this. You see, if we had no interest rate, that would basically mean that money would be able to be created from the absolute of absolute of nothing- for then there is NOTHING backing the greenback, the good 'ole American dollar, otherwise know as the USD.

Excuse me for caring, but hold on now, that means that those "with credit" of the sufficient amount, could create money out of thin air? NO, could it be true? PLEASE, tell me it is not so... Yes, it is. Debt=Money and that is how we run our economy and create 'new' money since the gold standard was dropped, which used to back our currency. So, yes, the preverbal money tree does exist and if you have enough credit, you can create a lot and if you invest properly, you can be A-OKAY. Or is it that simple?

Ron Paul is also a presidential candidate and he has some very sound ideas on the economy and as congressman sits on the Joint Economic Committee. "It's the economy stupid" has been said time and time again in the press- time they looked at what Ron Paul would do. It is not an economy based on unsustained growth, yet an economy based on US, America. It is based on the United States Constitution and within the limits of what the founding fathers expected- not what we have today, a USD that is worth less and less.

Read this article titled, "Ron Paul & Economics - Saving the Economy; Saving America" here. Here we can see the sound ideas of Dr. Paul on the economy, not just pandering to the cameras.

The charging of interest rates is actually seen as evil in many religions and many Christians at one time had to go to others, like the Jews or Templars to get money lent to them. It was so with early Christians and is still so in for many Islamic banks- they do not charge interest. An economy based on common goals and with a currency that is backed by 'something meaningful' wether it is silver or even the promise of a service could mean money could be loaned to us again at zero interest, yet this would take some major changes and so far the only one who has talked the talked and walked the walked and would make such changes is Ron Paul.

As it has been said time and time again in our lives by people wiser than us, "nothing is for free in life" and not even money Mr. McCain. In all seriousness money for nothing sounds great, but when you really think about it, it just does not make sense. Even in the song "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straights "they" had to do something to get the money- play guitar. Darn, wish I learned how to do that- no, wait, maybe McCain will be president than I won't have to do anything- just create money! Ah, then I woke up. Let's just hope that America wakes up and votes Ron Paul. Oh yeah and Adam Curry, that long-ago MTV video-jockey, whom is now a successful businessman, he also is endorsing (Video) Ron Paul, who is offering a nation of true freedoms, based on what our founding fathers framed in the Constitution.

Ron Paul Florida MSNBC Debate - Asking McCain about the economy...

E=MC2... "Energy is never created or destroyed" (Einstein) You would think our economist and Fed-friends printing the ever less valued US Dollars (DEBT=MONEY) would learn something from that, now would you?

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