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Ron Paul for President- news and views
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Top U.S. Investor, Jim Rogers- pulling out for Asia

March 16, 2008

Top U.S. Investor, Jim Rogers- pulling out for Asia

As he claims, Asia is like New York was back at the turn of the century, "full of excitement." He is loading his wagon, if he can sell is NYC mansion, and heading east. His young daughter speaks Chinese and he sees growth there, not here, in the good 'ole USA. Growth is one thing, but why leave your native land?
Read the full article and video interview here:
"Great Investor Leaves America" SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

This is *exactly* the sort of event, problem and sad reality that Ron Paul wants to stop. Jim Rogers stresses throughout the interview that Asia is where the growth is, yet, "I have terrible, terrible pangs about leaving this house, this life," he says.

Some would say that Rogers is just after the money, not a true Patriot. Or that he is more a world citizen than an American. Yet people of the financial community generally think in terms of finance and the fact that he has taught his young daughter Chinese from just about birth show us that he sees the writing on the wall.

Ron Paul, as highlighted in other articles knows of the Federal Reserve and it's true roots, goals and aims and seeks to drastically change our monetary system. If this was just a matter of a natural decline, then that would be one thing. However there is no real reason for America to be in this dire situation, other than pure greed, bad management and unwillingness to make the tough call- make drastic changes in the way we do business as a nation.

Wake up please America and vote for Ron Paul. But it may be too late for that, for the parties have more-or-less chosen their leaders...

Interesting note: I think that Jim Rogers hoped to be in Singapore by October of last year, but since his house will not sell, he seems to be half here still.

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