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Ron Paul for President- news and views
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Ron Paul and the Internet Race (the sunny states)

Before we see the search results for the true sunny states, let's look at a slightly sunny place and one next on the primary radar, South Carolina:
Google Searches in South Carolina

Looks like Mr. McCain and Mr. Huckabee will do well here and likely be the contenders to take it, yet Ron Paul still leads in searches (It is becoming apparent that although he may lead in internet searches on Google, a certain percentage does not of course equal out to votes...)

Much has been said about Florida. Which Republican shall prevail there. I can not say, but let us look at what Google Trends tells us (Who is searching for whom on the internet) and some, no pun intended, strong trends shall become clear.

Keep in mind, Google amounts to about 75% (perhaps more) of all searches done on the world wide web any given day...

Republican Candidates - Florida Google Searches:
Click Here to see Google Trend Chart on Republican Presidential Candidates - Florida

Ron Paul in California (Google Search Race)
Click Here to see Google Trend Chart on Republican Presidential Candidates - California

This does not flat-out predict votes, however is truly staggering, as far as I can see, as Dr. Paul is so far ahead in these internet queries. If this gauge is even partially true, than Ron Paul will do far better than expected in two of our nations sunniest places, Florida and California. (It is a Disney conspiracy, surely!)

Now, who is leading from both Democrats and Republicans? Good question. See here for who will lead the race for the presidency, well, at least in Google searches:
Click Here to see Google Trend Chart on ALL Presidential Candidates - United States

In closing, it is clear, as we can read here (www.pewreseacrh.org)
that 25% or so of all Americans use the internet to make choices about the election. An even higher 42% of young adults are using the internet to get information on the candidates. So now we have some variables to play with and we can see that the young voters are the most important for Ron Paul and many other candidates as well.

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