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Ron Paul for President- news and views
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Republican Candidates & Their WWW Sites- a Comparison

Republican Candidates WWW Site Analysis and Comparison

John McCain vs. Ron Paul
Republican Race
Election 2008

Site Styles
Both Romney's and Paul's sites look very nice and modern. They are both big on blue and red and easy to navigate. Mit Romney's logo almost looks like something stolen from the New England Patriots, the football team! John McCain's site is professional looking, although they use a bit more darker colors or grey/black tones. I guess this is trying to show his experience or bring up nostalgia with this feel. All have an "Issues" page, which is vital to compare and study for the concerned voter. How are their sites doing?

We have seen other articles highlighting the fact that Ron Paul has been leading the pack with the number of Google searches being done for him compared to the others in the race, such as against John McCain and Mit Romney. This may or may not equal into web hits on their main campaign sites.

Site Comparison
Compete.com is a clean, neat site that will do various web analytics, and best of all also compare up to three sites for free. The big question is, what happens when we fill in johnmccain.com, mittromney.comronpaul2008.com? See the results here:

Compete.com Comparision of Republican Candidates

Unique Web Visitors per Month
johnmccain.com 130,519
mittromney.com 253,036
ronpaul2008.com 618,846

mikehuckabee.com 467,889

For the record, Rudy's campaign site:
joinrudy2008.com 91,943


What Does This All Mean?
Ron Paul has certainly been the champion of the internet and that is saying a lot. John McCain and even Rudu Guliani get much more main-stream media attention than congressman Paul. Yet, still, the internet numbers are speaking. In part this is people donating through campaigns, such as today's "Ron Paul's MLK Donation Day."

Just like with Google Search's or Trends, it is impossible to say that web hits equal votes. Then again, when we see that 72% of our nation is online, that amounts to an incredible amount of potential. Pewresearch.org reports that 25% or so of all Americans use the internet to make choices about the election. An even higher 42% of young adults are using the internet to get information on the candidates. SOURCE: www.pewreseacrh.org

At the end of the day it is up to you- and well, that makes you one of the 25% above, thus tell your family and friends as well about the candidates web pages. We can learn a lot from them!


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