RonPaulNews Copyright (c) 2009, en Ron Paul for President- news and views Mon, 19 Aug 2019 05:17:22 +0100 Stimulus vs Bailout Who thinks of these terms (Bailout and Stimulus) and why do they use them over and over, like it is the name of a product or something?<br><br>Good blog post and questions here on that:<br><br><a href=>Bailout vs Stimulus</a> Wed, 04 Feb 2009 20:45:49 +0000 Elliot Wave says Crash... Interesting article going into detail on how Elliot Wave Theory can be used to apply historical events and past humanity to what may happen in the future...<br><br>The Coming Down Cycle<br>Long-term analysis of mankind shows troubling trends<br>Using Elliot Wave Analysis to look into the future...<br><br>More than just the markets are collapsing, and market charting techniques can help us see the history of mankind in cycles and to see where we are likely headed in the future. The future in this case, appears to be now.<br>Link:<br><br><a href=>Long-term analysis of mankind shows troubling trends</a> Sat, 24 Jan 2009 21:18:09 +0000 October 14, 2008 - hype or hypertension? <font size="2">Look, I am trying to stay level minded and consider myself to be as such, even with financial ruin around us. With this in mind, follow me here. There is a certain channeling medium, Blossom Goodchild, whom is predicting (from contact with this supposed alien race) massive UFO sightings and contact with this alien nation on October 14, 2008. See story <a href=>here</a>.<br><br>There seems to be much hype about this around the internets (just kidding, I know, "Internet"!) and although many sound-minds pass this off as odd-ball stuff, some will think of an even more far reacing possibility, <a href=>Project Blue Beam</a>. (This person may be perfectly normal, just being used in a certain way or heck who knows what. Is that possible you think?) OK, now, staying with me, for this goes far, I know, let's look at what has happened in history on the 14th of October in years passed, at least based on our 'modern' Gregorian calendar**:<br><br><i>* Oct. 14 1582 - Because of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar <b>this day does not exist in this year</b> in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.<br>* Oct. 14 - 1789 - George Washington proclaims the first Thanksgiving Day.<br>* Oct. 14 - 1933 - Nazi Germany withdraws from The League of Nations.<br>* 1957 - Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first Canadian monarch to open the Parliament of Canada with the Speech from the Throne. (NOTE: Canada will hold Federal elections this day, this month - 2008.)</i><br><font size="1">SOURCE: <a href=></a></font><br><br><font size="2">Keep in mind what happened on the 13th., one day before; actually a LUCKY or sacred number, but we are tricked to think it brings bad luck - why? Answer:<br><i>October 13, 1307 - Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested by agents of Phillip the Fair, to be later tortured into "admitting" heresy.</i><br><br>This IS WHY Friday the 13th is such a supposed bad day... Yet, for Mayans, 13 is the holiest of numbers- why? Ahh..<br><br>Interestingly enough, the Freemasons (torch bearers many say of the gone under-ground Templars) also used 13 in many of their designs- for instance within Washington DC. More on this later, but heck, even the "cornerstone" was laid for the White House on this supposed unlucky day of the 13th:<br><br><i>October 13, 1792 - In Washington, D.C., the cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion (known as the White House since 1818) is laid.</i><br>Many other interesting things happen on October 13th throughout history...<br>SOURCE: <a href=></a><br><br>FILM: See video on the Mayan number 13 and the foundation of America <a href=>here</a>.<br><br>13+1=14<br>or<br>13x1=13<br>Keeping in mind that many of the supposed Illuminati appear to follow numerology, this is most interesting, if not alarming. October 14, 2008 will also be a full moon. This full moon on October 14th. is in the cardinal sign of Aries which is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is the Roman god of War.<br><br>With nations around the world gaining control of our financial institutions, one has to ask- what is so democratic about this? What control will be issued next? What surprise(s) lays/lies ahead?<br><br>October 14, 2008 has come up on the radar and likely for a reason. An "October Surprise" as Ron Paul calls it or perhaps nothing but a dry run, yet it is likely something. People do not broadcast this kind of stuff unless there is a "reason" of one sort or another. Sorry, I myself have no answers for you. Staying alert is key.<br><br>Oh and yes, it appears NASA postponed the next shuttle launch to October 14...<br><br>As I write this, Mark 13 (Is that not interesting - the number 13!) comes to mind and with that God's Word as the best way to get through these uncertain times. In Mark 13:6-8 Jesus tells us:<br><br><i>"6 Many will come on the basis of my name, saying, ‘I am he,’ and will mislead many. 7 Moreover, when YOU hear of wars and reports of wars, do not be terrified; [these things] must take place, but the end is not yet. 8 “For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, there will be earthquakes in one place after another, there will be food shortages. These are a beginning of pangs of distress."</i></font><br><font size="1">SOURCE: <a href=>New World Translation</a><br><br>** The Gregorian calendar is based on 12 months, ending mainly in 30 and 31 days. Unlike the Mayan calendar which was comprised of 13 months of 20 days, which has been deemed much more accurate and in tune with the natural way of things. SOURCE: <a href=></a><br>2012, here we come.</font><br> Tue, 07 Oct 2008 14:11:59 +0100 Oil Rebounds- Is that a POSITIVE?! <b>What is wrong with this headline?</b><br>As seen on today...<br>(They have since edited the title - good for Yahoo)<br><br><i>Oil rebounds after 2-day tumble- AP</i><br><a href=></a><br><br>Rebounds typical is used to mean, "comes back up" [in the positive sense] is "getting better" yet is not 'higher oil' NOT a rebound but getting worse (at least for the most of us)? Or is it the fact that investors want to make money off of rising oil costs and with it going down as of late they have been missing out? I guess if you are an oil tycoon, high oil is nice...<br><br>This was an AP (The Associated Press) published news story. If you do a Google search on the title above in italic (Oil rebounds after 2-day tumble), you will see 8,000 plus returns already. See <a href=<img src="./img/smilies/icon_smile_set1_blink.gif" width="20" height="20" title="O_o" />fficial&client=firefox-a>here</a>.<br><br>Makes me wonder about the entire system of things these days, especially on a financial level... not to mention because of the current Wall Street and banking disaster. Maybe it is just me, but this was disturbing. Makes me miss the fact that Dr. Ron Paul is not on the ballet...<br> Wed, 17 Sep 2008 21:48:08 +0100 Local currencies, the weak US dollar and our future May 20, 2008<br><br><font size="3"><b>Local currencies, the weak US dollar and our future</b></font><br><br><font size="2">Competition is normally good for a market- does this also apply for currency? Why now is this trend in currencies going local seemingly happening? What does our weak USD have to do with it?<br><br><b><i>Hundreds</i></b> of years ago, countries often had local currencies, not just one national currency for all matters. Each Baron or Lord very well would have had his own coins and mint. Naturally, having one agreed upon promissory note to pay with is much more agreeable. Yet why then are "local currencies" popping up, seemingly all around the world.<br><br>From Massachusetts to the United Kingdom, we see this happening. Is it a trend? Here is a nice video report from May 19, 2008 on this very subject:<br><br><a href=>A very local currency</a><br>SOURCE: CNN.COM<br><br><i>"A small English town wants to experiment with its own currency to boost the local economy."</i> What is wrong with the weakening British pound (Weaker against the euro)?<br><br>Nothing however has been tanking like our US dollar. The worlds oil currency (USD) has lost more than 30% to the euro. And as the dollar goes south, the price of raw oil rises, giving us a double whammy, for we must purchase oil in these very USD's that are weakening. Not that starting local currencies in the United States would help- heck, this "trend" would take us back in time- but would it? The fact that communities are doing it, says something and maybe it is more than just a marketing gimmick.<br><br>Some argue and honestly it does make a lot of sense, that local currencies are the way to go. Take this paragraph from a local currency conference report titled, "Local Currencies in the Twenty-First Century: Understanding Money, Building Local Economies, Renewing Community";<br><br><i>"The most sustainable economy would be one in which the goods consumed in a region are produced in the same region using local resources and local labor. Ernest Fritz Schumacher referred to such a system as “an economy of permanence.” His 1974 book Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered, remains the most compelling case for building vibrant regional economies as a counterpoint to our increasing reliance on far flung global production systems."</i> - Susan Witt and Christopher Lindstrom<br>SOURCE: <a href=>The E. F. Schumacher Society</a><br><br>We work to make money to feed our family and to save for a rainy day. We are people. It makes sense that we work for the betterment of people within our family and our immediate community. Working and getting paid in a currency that has a lesser and lesser value does not make long term sense.<br><br>Local currencies aside, for not all of are ready to abandon our life's savings in US dollars-<br>Dr. Ron Paul, U.S. Republican, has some excellent and very interesting views on our monetary policy, the Federal Reserve and the best way to back our nations currency. There are some great videos and comments in this article on this very subject, posted <a href=>here</a>. Paul is one of the few presidential candidates taking a tough stance on this and calling a spade a spade.<br><br>A weak USD is the biggest problem and the MSM (main stream media) seems to want to blame everyone and everything else but this fact (Blame the oil companies, blame oil producing nations, blame China, etc.). Why? Well, listen to Ron Paul (search YouTube for "Ron Paul") and I think it will become clear.<br><br>Ron Paul does not belief that a joint American, Canadian and Mexican currency that is called the AMERO will solve matters. That's right, many of our political leaders are preparing to sell out the USD and thus our United States Constitution if monetary matters are not solved quickly. Dr. Paul will fight to solve these problems and much more in America<br><br>You can visit Ron Paul's web page here:<br><a href=></a></font> Tue, 20 May 2008 19:03:16 +0100 Ron Paul & Economics - Saving the Economy; Saving America January 19, 2008<br>Updated March 23, 2008 - (Video added below- "Ron Paul on CNBC's Kudlow & Company 3-20-08 7pm est discusses why we should abolish the federal reserve")<br><br> Ron Paul on our governmental monetary policy;<br>"We look at GDP numbers to reassure ourselves that all is well, yet a growing number of Americans still do not enjoy the higher standard of living that monetary inflation brings to the privileged few. Those few have access to the newly created money first, before its value is diluted.<br><br>For example: Before the breakdown of the Bretton Woods system, CEO income was about 30 times the average worker's pay. Today, it's closer to 500 times. It's hard to explain this simply by market forces and increases in productivity. One Wall Street firm last year gave out bonuses totaling $16.5 billion. There's little evidence that this represents free market capitalism." <br>SOURCE: <br><br><br><br> Ron Paul & Economics - Saving the Economy; Saving America <br><br><br><br> A lot is being said about the economy these days and for good reason. Even at the last S.C. Fox debate (I believe it was) they were talking about the "Reagan Revolution" and even Mr. Obama is playing up to this. Ron Paul's campaign manager should jump on this and have Ron say every time the Reagan Revolution is mentioned and how great he was and what he did for our economy, something like: Yes, the Reagan Revolution was great, some twenty years ago. We are offering similar, which my supporters have coined the "Ron Paul Revolution" and is available today! <br><br>A lot could be said about late president Reagan and congressman Paul. Let's dig in deeper though into what is happening today and how Ron Paul can help us as president with the economy.<br><br>Congressman Paul, a fiscal conservative, sits on the Joint Economic Committee. Recently, back in November of 2007, they (members of the Joint Economic Committee) got to question Mr. Bernanke (See video below). Here is how the ABCNews article below, titled, "Paul vs. Bernanke on Value of the Dollar" reported it. "During today's testimony questions from most senators and representatives on the committee had to do with the housing crisis and whether a recession was in the offing. But when Paul squared off with Bernanke, things were a bit different." Right away you see he does not ask the layman questions, "is it going to be ok" or "can we make it" but he will get right into specifics and technical details.<br><br>Ron Paul went on further to say; "There's a dollar crisis out there and people's money is being stolen; people who have saved, they're being robbed. I mean, if you have a devaluation of the dollar at 10 percent, people have been robbed at 10 percent. But how can you pursue this policy without addressing the subject that somebody's losing their wealth because of a weaker dollar? And it's going to lead to higher interest rates and a weaker economy."<br><br>We are in, what could become, the perfect (not so perfect in terms of our standard of living) storm. High oil prices, a weak U.S. dollar, the housing bubble has burst (meaning a general banking crisis could be on the verge and certainly lending will be curtailed.) and what is now starting to be called a recession. People are careful to use the "R" word, yet it is being used and the stock market is taking a beating. Although inflation figures are up, the general feel of inflation is much worse, for although our pay is slightly up, the value of our USDollar is way down.<br><br>Government intervention is generally a bad thing. President Bush just announced today a temporary tax relief package. It will equal to, get this, 1 percent of America's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which is, well, about $140 billion. Now, do not get me wrong, we need to help families that really need it, but how can our government outlay more, 1% more (which is a lot) of our GDP into _trying_ to keep the bubble full of air, hot or otherwise? Where does this money come so easily from? A printing press (more-or-less)<br> article temp tax relief plan <br><br> Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in around 1456 in Germany to help spread God's word, so that he could mass produce the Bible and let the common man be freed, of a spiritual nature. This same printing press process (little has changed with the concept of printing since those days) will be used to press green ink on paper, costing not all that much- they will, as all of wish we had the ability to do, simply print that money they are so graciously giving us. Say no thank you. Please do not just treat the symptoms if you can cure the problem (why create more debt?!). So, what would Ron Paul do? <br><br> Ron Paul would lower taxes , dramatically, by heavily reducing the size of our government. As he says, "Working Americans like lower taxes. So do I. Lower taxes benefit all of us, creating jobs and allowing us to make more decisions for ourselves about our lives." In addition to less civil servants, he would bring back the 130 "bases" we have around the world (unless absolutely needed AND the host government wants us there), saving us a whooping 1 TRILLION dollars every year, he would not tax "tips" at all, freeing up much more spending power and drastically re-organize or do away with the Federal Reserve- the very people, printing that money as I type this. (Mind you, the Federal Reserve is actually owned by mainly foreign business and individuals, not our government, not you or I- others whom may have different values, ideas or goals than we do.<br>Read Ron Paul's piece on the Federal Reserve, titled "Monetary Policy is Critically Important": Here <br><br>Basically, Dr. Paul's plans would very quickly help our economy without the need to wildly print money, thus creating of course debt and the often un-seen "Inflation Tax." There is much more he would do, such as peg the dollar on a "gold standard" like system, keep us out of a degrading NAFTA plan and their plans to scarp the USD to create the Canadian, Mexican and American joint currency, the AMERO. He would encourage free trade with all countries around the world and would not impose our ideals on them, unless they ask. Who are we to judge them, to dictate how to do things? Ron Paul would truly get to the business of saving us from this potentially perfect storm. Good thing it is an election year, for that may prop up the economy a bit as well, but the seas on the horizon look rough.<br><br>As mentioned above, ABCNews wrote a fair piece about Ron Paul's questioning of Mr. Bernanke from a few months ago. It shows Dr. Paul's leadership capabilities, by breaking ranks with the rest of congress and bringing to light the very nature of the problem, not just sweeping it under their very expensive, CEO paid-for carpets. It should be noted, basically no other main stream news outlet carried this story, which is sad, amazingly sad. Read the article here:<br> Paul vs. Bernanke on Value of the Dollar <br>There is also a nice video below of this stellar round of questioning from congressman Paul at the end of this webicle(article).<br><br>My grandfather used to say he had a money tree in the back yard. Our government *really* does, once again, called a printing press (and the Federal Reserve monetary system) and it is printing us (and lending us) into massive debt with no sight in end with just about any of the presidential candidates, accept Ron Paul. The debt is at about $30,000 per U.S. resident! US Debt Clock k/ Or an incredible figure, ever rising it seems of about $9,193,053,268,365.71 !!! <br><br>I look forward to hearing more directly what Ron Paul thinks of president Bush's tax relief plan- yet I guess we can guess what he would say. We heard for instance that yesterday in Nevada, Dr. Paul was calm and stuck to his message of federal spending cuts as one of the first needed steps to a better economy. Not printing more cash<br><br>Johannes Gutenberg, the founder of the modern printing press was quoted as saying, "Religious truth is captive in a small number of little manuscripts which guard the common treasures, instead of expanding them. Let us break the seal which binds these holy things; let us give wings to truth that it may fly with the Word, no longer prepared at vast expense, but multitudes everlastingly by a machine which never wearies to every soul which enters life." Ron Paul, the PaulRevolution is offering us Americans a similar freedom- a U.S. government that is run strictly by the constitution, offering truly freedoms and liberties for all.<br><br>--- --- --- end --- --- ---<br>"Ron Paul on CNBC's Kudlow & Company 3-20-08 7pm est discusses why we should abolish the federal reserve":<br><br> <br><br><br>Dr. Paul vs. Mr. Bernanke Sun, 23 Mar 2008 16:40:21 +0000 Top U.S. Investor, Jim Rogers- pulling out for Asia March 16, 2008<br><br><font size="4"><b>Top U.S. Investor, Jim Rogers- pulling out for Asia</b></font><br><br><font size="2.75">As he claims, Asia is like New York was back at the turn of the century, "full of excitement." He is loading his wagon, if he can sell is NYC mansion, and heading east. His young daughter speaks Chinese and he sees growth there, not here, in the good 'ole USA. Growth is one thing, but why leave your native land?<br>Read the full article and video interview here:<br><a href=>"Great Investor Leaves America" SOURCE: Yahoo Finance</a><br><br>This is *exactly* the sort of event, problem and sad reality that Ron Paul wants to stop. Jim Rogers stresses throughout the interview that Asia is where the growth is, yet, "I have terrible, terrible pangs about leaving this house, this life," he says.<br><br>Some would say that Rogers is just after the money, not a true Patriot. Or that he is more a world citizen than an American. Yet people of the financial community generally think in terms of finance and the fact that he has taught his young daughter Chinese from just about birth show us that he sees the writing on the wall.<br><br>Ron Paul, as highlighted in other <a href=>articles</a> knows of the Federal Reserve and it's true roots, goals and aims and seeks to drastically change our monetary system. If this was just a matter of a natural decline, then that would be one thing. However there is no real reason for America to be in this dire situation, other than pure greed, bad management and unwillingness to make the tough call- make drastic changes in the way we do business as a nation.<br><br>Wake up please America and vote for Ron Paul. But it may be too late for that, for the parties have more-or-less chosen their leaders...<br><br>Interesting note: I think that Jim Rogers hoped to be in Singapore by October of last year, but since his house will not sell, he seems to be half here still.</font> Mon, 17 Mar 2008 06:24:48 +0000 Martin Luther King, Ron Paul and war. Please watch and pass along. The middle is a bit long, yet in there for a reason- to stress the realities of war. Absolutely amazing. The message is that we should have our country run by the Constitution and reason, not illegal invasions and greed.<br><br>Ron Paul would have us out of Iraq and numerous other countries around the world- this equals about a TRILLION dollars per year (actually more with the rising dollar and high oil, as can be read in this <a href=>ARTICLE</a>.)<br><br><br><object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object> Wed, 27 Feb 2008 17:38:53 +0000 John McCain's Economic Policy: <font size="4"><b>John McCain's Economic Policy: "Your money for nothing and..."</b></font><br><br><br><font size="2"><i>...Then what?<br>Is this what John McCain is offering you, if he becomes president- "Your money for nothing?"</i></font><br>Watch YouTube video of John McCain on the economy and his "Zero percent interest rate idea:"<br><br><object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object><br><br><font size="1.75">Sounds good right, ZERO % INTEREST or, well, "Your money for nothing"- actually, no, it is not, at least not under the monetary system most of the world runs under these days, including the United States.<br><br>I do not know about you however some mid 80's MTV moments are coming back to me. Seeing this video on John McCain, posted above, brought that great hit song by Dire Straights to mind, <a href=> "your money for nothing"</a>. Maybe it was the old memories of one of MTV's first VJ's, <a href=> Adam Curry</a> (Does he actually age?) or something more immediate, like my actual well-being. Yet money for nothing seems like a good deal for many, like that money tree my grandfather always talked about. And it appears this is what John McCain would want, if he were to become president.<br><br>Before you jump up and down and get all excited, no, that is not a good thing- especially because of the way our monetary system works today. Now, I know this is shocking, for that would mean the banking system as you know it would be abolished and well, that is exactly what Ron Paul has planned, yet somehow I guess that is not what John McCain had in mind, for he has no plans out there that I have seen for this. You see, if we had no interest rate, that would basically mean that money would be able to be created from the absolute of absolute of nothing- for then there is NOTHING backing the greenback, the good 'ole American dollar, otherwise know as the USD.<br><br>Excuse me for caring, but hold on now, that means that those "with credit" of the sufficient amount, could create money out of thin air? NO, could it be true? PLEASE, tell me it is not so... Yes, it is. Debt=Money and that is how we run our economy and create 'new' money since the gold standard was dropped, which used to back our currency. So, yes, the preverbal money tree does exist and if you have enough credit, you can create a lot and if you invest properly, you can be A-OKAY. Or is it that simple?<br><br>Ron Paul is also a presidential candidate and he has some very sound ideas on the economy and as congressman sits on the Joint Economic Committee. "It's the economy stupid" has been said time and time again in the press- time they looked at what Ron Paul would do. It is not an economy based on unsustained growth, yet an economy based on US, America. It is based on the United States Constitution and within the limits of what the founding fathers expected- not what we have today, a USD that is worth less and less.<br><br>Read this article titled, <a href=>"Ron Paul & Economics - Saving the Economy; Saving America" here.</a> Here we can see the sound ideas of Dr. Paul on the economy, not just pandering to the cameras.<br><br>The charging of interest rates is actually seen as evil in many religions and many Christians at one time had to go to others, like the Jews or Templars to get money lent to them. It was so with early Christians and is still so in for many Islamic banks- they do not charge interest. An economy based on common goals and with a currency that is backed by 'something meaningful' wether it is silver or even the promise of a service could mean money could be loaned to us again at zero interest, yet this would take some major changes and so far the only one who has talked the talked and walked the walked and would make such changes is Ron Paul.<br><br>As it has been said time and time again in our lives by people wiser than us, "nothing is for free in life" and not even money Mr. McCain. In all seriousness money for nothing sounds great, but when you really think about it, it just does not make sense. Even in the song "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straights "they" had to do something to get the money- play guitar. Darn, wish I learned how to do that- no, wait, maybe McCain will be president than I won't have to do anything- just create money! Ah, then I woke up. Let's just hope that America wakes up and votes Ron Paul. Oh yeah and Adam Curry, that long-ago MTV video-jockey, whom is now a successful businessman, he also is endorsing <a href=> (Video)</a> Ron Paul, who is offering a nation of true freedoms, based on what our founding fathers framed in the Constitution.<br><br>Ron Paul Florida MSNBC Debate - Asking McCain about the economy...<br><br><object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object><br><br><br>E=MC2... "Energy is never created or destroyed" (Einstein) You would think our economist and Fed-friends printing the ever less valued US Dollars (DEBT=MONEY) would learn something from that, now would you?</font> Tue, 29 Jan 2008 17:47:28 +0000 Ron Paul and the Internet Race (the sunny states) Before we see the search results for the true sunny states, let's look at a slightly sunny place and one next on the primary radar, South Carolina:<br><a href="">Google Searches in South Carolina</a><br><br>Looks like Mr. McCain and Mr. Huckabee will do well here and likely be the contenders to take it, yet Ron Paul still leads in searches (It is becoming apparent that although he may lead in internet searches on Google, a certain percentage does not of course equal out to votes...)<br><br><br>Much has been said about Florida. Which Republican shall prevail there. I can not say, but let us look at what Google Trends tells us (Who is searching for whom on the internet) and some, no pun intended, strong trends shall become clear.<br><br>Keep in mind, Google amounts to about 75% (perhaps more) of all searches done on the world wide web any given day...<br><br>Republican Candidates - Florida Google Searches:<br><a href="">Click Here to see Google Trend Chart on Republican Presidential Candidates - Florida</a><br><br>Ron Paul in California (Google Search Race)<br><a href="">Click Here to see Google Trend Chart on Republican Presidential Candidates - California</a><br><br>This does not flat-out predict votes, however is truly staggering, as far as I can see, as Dr. Paul is so far ahead in these internet queries. If this gauge is even partially true, than Ron Paul will do far better than expected in two of our nations sunniest places, Florida and California. (It is a Disney conspiracy, surely!)<br><br>Now, who is leading from both Democrats and Republicans? Good question. See here for who will lead the race for the presidency, well, at least in Google searches:<br><a href="">Click Here to see Google Trend Chart on ALL Presidential Candidates - United States</a><br><br>In closing, it is clear, as we can read here <a href="">(</a><br>that 25% or so of all Americans use the internet to make choices about the election. An even higher 42% of young adults are using the internet to get information on the candidates. So now we have some variables to play with and we can see that the young voters are the most important for Ron Paul and many other candidates as well.<br><br> Mon, 28 Jan 2008 17:02:18 +0000